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পার্বত্য চট্টগ্রাম বিষয়ক মন্ত্রণালয়
DHAKA, DHAKA Today January 2018

About Us

মন্ত্রণালয়ের আওতাধীন দপ্তর/প্রতিষ্ঠান সমূহঃ (১) পার্বত্য চট্টগ্রাম আঞ্চলিক পরিষদ, (২) পার্বত্য চট্টগ্রাম উন্নয়ন বোর্ড, (৩) ভারত প্রত্যাগত উপজাতীয় শরনার্থী প্রত্যাবাসন ও পুর্নবাসন এবং অভ্যন্তরীন উদ্বাস্তু নির্দিষ্টকরণ ও পুর্নবাসন বিষয়ক টাস্কফোর্স (৪) রাংগামাটি পার্বত্য জেলা পরিষদ, (৫) খাগড়াছড়ি পার্বত্য জেলা পরিষদ, (৬) বান্দরবান পার্বত্য জেলা পরিষদ,

Company Info :

: পার্বত্য চট্টগ্রাম বিষয়ক মন্ত্রণালয়
: info@mochta.gov.bd
: 88029540033
: ঠিকানা: বিল্ডিংঃ ৪, ৭ম তলা, সচিবালয়, ঢাকা-১০০০, বাংলাদেশ।

Why Join With Us

Currently, I am a person who wears multiple hats. I am the owner of Blue Sand Group ("BSG") -- the BEST Digital Marketing Firm in the US. BSG continues to reinvent itself and evolve each year. At BSG, we not only work on creating new and beautifully crafted websites with stunning curb appeal, but we also engineer them to perform. Our focus recently has been on the marriage between great web engineering and aesthetic brilliance. We may never reach it, but everyday we reach for a little bit of perfection. We just really enjoy the journey! I am also a serial entrepreneur. Recently, I have also been creating/co-creating new and transformative apps, web applications and programs that change people's lives but are also a lot of fun! Three of my recent projects and partnerships are The Ad Auditor, BAMit, and American Bars. The Ad Auditor is the first "Cloud Based" advertising tracking and auditing service designed for the busy and well informed business owner. It is literally changing the way people advertise. American Bars is the first total integrated marketing platform for small bars and pubs! BAMit is an app that crowd sources deals and helps people make money and save money at the same time. Colleagues know me as a highly creative marketer and attorney who can always be trusted to come up with a new and creative approach. I spend a lot of time understanding the business and the audience before suggesting ideas. I love collaborating with others and coming up with new and creative approaches to problem solving. I got my JD form STCL in Houston and my BA from St.. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. As my businesses continue to grow and evolve, I am always interested in meeting new people and exploring new ventures with people who look at things a little differently. Reach out to me if you are one of these people and would like to chat!

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